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Tired of eating out with food restrictions?

The first restaurant guide that starts with WHAT you can eat, instead of WHERE.

What if dining out can be enjoyable again, even when you are avoiding foods? What if you can...

Be mobile

We are offering a mobile app, a solution in your pocket, ready to use as you go.

Be safe

We've already done the research and have allergen information for the menu items in restaurants. Plus, we know what other dietary restricted people have tried and enjoyed.

Be chilled

You avoid all the awkward table conversations that your friends witness to while you explain to the waiter what you can and can't have.

Be Efficient

You receive a limited number of carefully selected meal options in your area, one click away from you. You should take at most 3 minutes to decide what to eat.

Be well connected

We bring everyone together for you. That includes the community of people knowledgeable on food restrictions, the restaurants and even your servers.

So what is this product you're talking about?

We have a mobile application that helps you find the next meal in your area when you are on a restricted diet. Whether it's an allergy, an intolerance or you are simply avoiding some ingredients, we make it as easy and efficient for you to select a dish option, show up and enjoy your food.


  • No more proactive menu browsing
  • No more restaurant calls ahead
  • No more awkward conversations at the table
  • No more questions from your lunch buddies on your choices

Everything happens seamlessly and with minimal effort.


Our dish recommendation capability is based on your profile, your location and any other data we can gather from the community.

What's new?


We propose meals, not restaurants. You no longer browse through menus finding that one dish that was promised to you is in there...somewhere. Just pick one of our options and you're set.


We build your profile based on the ingredients you are avoiding. We can't go wrong with our suggestions.

Your assistant in a pocket

We will take all the communication with the chosen restaurant in our hands.


We make the restaurant dish recommendations based on a number of factors, among which:

  • Your dietary profile
  • Your location
  • The reviews of fellow dietary restricted people

And if that's not convincing enough, try our free concierge service first

Your very own free dining out personal assistant for London

What are we offering?

  • A personal assistant to guide you when you want to eat out in London
  • Building your dietary profile along with preferred dining locations
  • Meal options based on your location and the allergy information of the restaurants in the area
  • Table booking at your chosen restaurant
  • Chosen restaurant is notified of your diet and expectations before being served


How does it work?

Step 1

Step 2

A member of our team will contact you to setup your profile and guide you on how to use our service.

Step 3

Whenever you want to eat out, message us using our Facebook page. We will carry all our contact instantly through there.

Messenger Consierge

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure the recommended dish is actually free from my selected ingredients?

The meal options we offer take into consideration a number of factors. We use the latest allergen menu of the restaurant as a first filter. Then we take into consideration the Food Standards Agency rating aiming for establishments that have the highest score. Eventually, we consider any allergy awards the venue has received.

If you do decide to use our concierge service, when you settle on a meal option or you want us to book a table, we call the restaurant and receive a confirmation from their side as well.

How do you keep your options up to date?

For every meal option, we check the latest allergen menu advertised by the restaurant on their website, if they have any. If they don't have it online, we give them a call and confirm with them.

I want to try your concierge service, but I don't feel like calling someone for every meal. How do we connect?

You don't have to call anyone. All of our communication is over Facebook Messenger. Also, we can agree on a time of day when you want to receive meal options and an area you spend most of your time and we'll just Facebook message them to you.

Sounds too good to be true. Why is everything offered for free?

We are working on our app. Until we release it, we want to learn as much about your challenges as restaurant customers. It's a win-win situation.

We are working on the app, but we promise to keep you posted!

Be the first to try our product!

We know you are already having a hard time eating out. So, we want to thank you for supporting us until we release the product.

Sign up and we will also be sending you our eating out cards which you can use to easily notify restaurants about your requirements.

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Take advantage of our service offering a free personal assistant !

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